Laboratoire étalonnage gaz et liquides iso/iec 17025

Polycontrols flow calibration laboratory is certified under ISO/IEC 17025, the highest recognition in metrology. Polycontrols provides gas and liquid ISO/IEC 17025 flow meter calibration services to the aerospace, fuel cell, automotive, medical and process instrumentation industries. With over 30 years of experience in flow meter calibration, Polycontrols flow meter calibration services offer a first class solution for all your flow meter calibration needs.

Panneaux de gaz & assemblages personnalisés

Polycontrols provides gas panels and develops custom-engineered gas mixers to handle difficult process gasses & chemicals. We offer gas panels and manufacture custom gas mixers for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. Our expertise in handling specialty gasses and chemicals has been translated into providing safe and reliable gas panels and gas mixers in some of the most difficult gas panel applications. Visit us for all your gas panel and gas mixer needs!

Automation, contrôle de procédés & intégration de systèmes

Polycontrols provides engineering services in factory automation, process control and system integration. We offer a wide range of control system integration services for industrial and laboratory applications, including Intrinsically safe and Class 1 systems. We provide full control system integration engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and support. For control system integration services or process integration, contact Polycontrols!